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Make your special day become unforgettable in the splendid atmosphere of the Imperial Palace Hotel, where high quality five star service, courtesy and hospitality belong to our long standing tradition. This magnificent structure is located in Santa Margherita Ligure that lies in the Portofino gulf, with a view of an incomparable panorama.

The Imperial Palace Hotel offers a wide range of options and a menu for every occasion, formal or informal lunches and dinners, wedding banquets, appetizers and after dinner open bar service.
beautiful wedding in exclusive location

The ‘Portofino Hall’ decorated with rare marble floors, mirrors, precious antique crystal chandeliers and wide panoramic windows with a breathtaking view over the gulf is the ideal atmosphere for wedding banquets and events of gala.

Our ‘Paraggi Terrace’ with a remarkable view on the gulf of Portofino is available for fashion shows, music and dancing events.
Special Offers

Special Offers

»  Special offer: May promo
 01 May - 24 May
Offer 1
Best price guaranteed
Discount -30 %
»  Special offer: May promo
 25 May - 31 May
»  Special offer Prepaid Rate
 01 June - 14 June
»  Discover Picasso in Genova
 02 April - 30 April
»  Special offer: April promo
 06 April - 30 April
»  Cinque Terre Escape
 01 May - 31 May
»  Taste of Spring
 29 March - 14 June
»  Tasteful Relaxing days
 15 June - 25 August
Wellness Treatments

Wellness Treatments

»  Anti-age
Time: 5 days
  • 3 Facial massages
  • 3 Liftosome treatments
  • 2 Beaute Neuve face
  • 2 Clay body wraps
  • 2 Polinesia Journey

€ 669.00

»  Antistress
»  Get ready for summer
»  Relaxing day
»  Healty
»  Beauty week Hair Designer
»  Men Special
»  One Day Spa